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App Concept & UX/UI Development

Timeline: Spring 2020

wordsmithy. is a concept design for a dictionary app and "word-finder" that helps users pin down elusive tip-of-the-tongue words through a search function and community forums. It also allows users to notate, tag, and save words and definitions.


This project designs a tool that facilitates finding and organizing words and supplementary info (e.g. etymology, rhymes) for writers, English language learners, and all-around-word-nerds.


Objective:  Design a tool that smoothly and intuitively helps users find, save, and annotate words.

  1. Moodboard and brainstorming for functionality and tone of the app.

  2. Flowchart sketches, lo-fi wireframes, hi-fi wireframes to map out userflow.

Ease of user experience and smooth, intuitive design is a priority at every stage of the process.

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